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3 Kings slot machine

3 Kings slot machine

The 3 Kings Slot Machine is a classic 3-reel machine based on a medieval theme with knights, kings and queens. 3 Kings is another Playtech slot machine available at various Playtech casinos.

Play instructions 3 Kings Spielautomat
Knighthood has died? Not when you play 3 Kings machines. This classic game takes its inspiration from the days of knights and kings. The game has been developed by Playtech, one of the leading developers of online casino games. 3 Kings comes with 3 reels and a single payout line. Players have the option to use up to three coins per line. Even if there are no bonus features or free spins in this game, this does not break the game. The game is also so more than entertaining.

If you like the pure simplicity of classic slot machines, you will love this game. Simpler or more uncomplicated than this game, does not go. It is ideal for fans of classic slots and those of you who are beginners in the field of automatic games and want to start with a game that is uncomplicated and easy to learn.

The 3 Kings Online Slot Machine offers a variety of coin values ​​starting at $ 0.05 and up to $ 5. Players have so many options and can and can use the freedom as much as they want and are not forced to set the maximum amount. If you are adventurous, the maximum bet for this game is $ 15.

The main symbols for this game machine are the crown, ball, bar and scepter. There are no wild symbols or multiplier symbols in this game. The regular top jackpot ensures that these missing elements do not break the fun and the tension.

The theme of the 3 Kings slot machine is the medieval age with knights, kings, castles, etc. The graphics of the game are quite appealing in their simplicity. The Middle Ages game theme gives players the opportunity to enjoy an interesting theme while taking full advantage of a classic automaton game.

3 Kings Slot Jackpot
The maximum jackpot at the 3 Kings slot machine is generous when you look at the simplicity of this classic game. Players have the chance to win a jackpot of up to 5,000 coins. If you consider that the smallest bet in this game is only $ 0.05, you can see that this is actually a very respectable payout. At 3 Kings, as with most classic slot games, there are eight winning combinations.

The 3 Kings Spielautomat offers a lot of possibilities and the fun of a classic game machine. The game is simple and you do not have to schedule an acclimatization period. You can start playing immediately and try your luck on a big win. No matter if you are a small budget player or just want to enjoy the old-fashioned game machines, the 3 Kings slot machine provides a lot of fun and offers the chance of a very nice payout.

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